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Takeoff to the Next Level

Published: 03/04/2021

By: Mohammad Zagnoon, Director of Operations, Paradigm Estimate

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Accurate window schedules remove a lot of the hassle from producing fast and accurate quotes. But what if your window estimates could do more?

The window takeoff feature in Paradigm Estimate™ goes beyond simply listing the number of openings by size and type. It provides the product details needed for a more accurate quote. Useful particulars, such as tempering needs, egress requirements and the inclusion of grilles, are clearly identified and help minimize pricing surprises. Then Paradigm Estimate takes your takeoff services to the next level.

Paradigm Estimate examines blueprints and creates a comprehensive window and door schedule. Its innovative time-saving technology highlights opening-specific details and provides graphic reports of room-by-room window locations on both the elevation and floor plan of the blueprint, along with a zoomed-in view of the opening. Additionally, Paradigm Estimate’s advanced measurement functionality verifies dimensions and will flag discrepancies, so they can be resolved before completing the window quote.

Speaking of window quotes, Paradigm Estimate seamlessly communicates with manufacturers who use the Paradigm Omni quoting solution. Window takeoff data can be easily visualized while quoting, making it easier to locate all the information needed for a fast and more accurate quote.

If you’re looking for an estimating service that offers more than a standard material takeoff software, contact a Paradigm Estimate representative, and take your takeoffs to the next level.

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