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New Paradigm Omni Catalog-Build Tools Get Products to Market Faster

Published: 07/17/2023

By: Paradigm Author

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Paradigm Omni Catalog Build Tools

Two new catalog tools offered through Paradigm Omni are now available to help window and door manufacturers speed up their ability to build and update product catalogs by simplifying access to product data and automating data entry updates across platforms.

The Catalog Build API is used to populate product data in a manufacturer’s catalog-build database. It’s designed to support customers who want a single source of truth for all product-related data throughout their organizations and want to feed it into the Paradigm Omni catalog-build tools.

Customers can integrate from their own product lifecycle management systems to create and update products without user intervention and eliminate the need to manually populate tables used to define product offerings and options. Currently, the Catalog Build API supports the creation of window sets, questions and answers, dimensions, and lookup tables. The ability to support Omni’s entry door system, door models is coming soon.

The External Data Framework allows you to access an external system during configuration and retrieve updated data in real time, rather than waiting for the next full catalog release.

A use case illustrates how it works:

During the last couple years, challenges with distribution caused extended and uncertain lead times for window and door manufacturers. Continuously updating catalogs to react to market changes was not always a realistic option.

The External Data Framework makes it possible for customers to develop an integration that calls out to one of their systems and, for example, request today’s lead time for a product during configuration. The updated lead time can then be set in the Paradigm Omni system and used on a quote.

Other applications for the External Data Framework can include the ability to look up design pressure or pricing details in “real” time.

Contact your Paradigm Omni project team to learn more and help you set up these tools to increase the speed and efficiency of your catalog management software.

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New Paradigm Omni Catalog-Build Tools Get Products to Market Faster

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