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Construction Takeoff and Estimating Services

Paradigm Estimate™ construction takeoff services delivers fast and more accurate material takeoffs. It’s convenient takeoff technology that saves time, manages complexity, and differentiates your business.

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Paradigm Estimate™

Construction Takeoff Made Easy — and Fast

Paradigm Estimate uses artificial intelligence technology to help examine blueprints and generate an itemized material takeoff listThe list features the type, size, quantity, and application of construction materials require for an accurate bid. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Faster, more accurate construction takeoff services that your customers can depend on.

Improve Accuracy

Reduce errors and rework with the combination of automated takeoff technology and construction expertise. 

Add Value to Your Business

Spend less time on bid preparation and free your salespeople to win more business.

Reduce Extra Deliveries

Paradigm Estimate allows you to customize and optimize your material lists, ensuring your takeoffs are accurate every time. 


Takeoffs…and Counting

We possess the skills, experience and scale you’re looking for.


Estimating Users

We have a broad base of users located in all 50 states.

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Faster Bidding

The Speed to Sell More

It takes the speed of Paradigm Estimate takeoff service to keep up with your business. We know that faster takeoffs give you a better chance of winning the project. With Paradigm Estimate, all you do is submit your blueprint, and we handle the rest – so you can bid more jobs and free up your team to spend more time selling.  

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A Fast and More Accurate Combination

Our experienced estimators use artificial intelligence to complete material takeoffs in just a fraction of the time that it would take someone to complete them manually. And advanced measurement functionality verifies dimensions and flags discrepancies, so your quotes are right the first time. 


Tailored Takeoffs That Fit Your Business

The way you do material takeoffs is important. Our rules engine allows us to control how your takeoff comes back precisely how you need it. Whether you’re adjusting waste factors for specific materials or customizing takeoff parameters for a particular market or customer, we can handle it. Our onboarding and implementation specialists will help dial in the takeoff logic so that the output you get back matches what you’re used to seeing – quickly and consistently. 

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POS Integration Ready

Integrated Technology to Streamline Selling

Paradigm Estimate supports SKU mapping to connect your blueprints to specific products as well as direct integrations to your point of sale system. Simply upload a plan, we’ll send back a material takeoff, and with the click of a button, your point of sale system can generate a quote –no re-keying necessary. 


*Full implementation required. Certain restrictions apply.

Paradigm Estimate Packages

Flexible Options for Any Project Size or Budget

Whether it’s a simple pay-as-you go construction takeoff, or an all-inclusive takeoff package, Paradigm Estimate has flexible options to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Package

Includes Exterior Package, plus framing and interior take-off items such as studs, sheathing, trim, stairs, floor & ceiling joists, headers, and beams. 

Pay-As-You-Go Option

Purchase individual exterior or comprehensive takeoffs as needed, with no subscription required.

Exterior Package

Includes takeoff items such as siding and roofing.

  • Need takeoffs in a hurry? Ask about our expediting options.
  • We can add windows & doors to your takeoff for an additional fee.

Pair Your Takeoffs for End-to-End Quoting & Configuration That Sells More Windows

Take estimating to the next level by combining your Paradigm Estimate takeoff with the Paradigm Omni quoting and configuration solution your window suppliers already use.

Start with a detailed window takeoff from Paradigm Estimate, and finish the sale with a quote in Paradigm Omni. It’s everything LBMs need to sell windows with confidence.

  • Takeoff data from Paradigm Estimate integrates with Paradigm Omni’s configuration capabilities, allowing you to focus on options that drive more income.
  • The Estimate/Omni integration makes it easy to offer multiple quote options, offering a more efficient way to quote a home’s window package.
  • Drive more revenue with a fast, accurate, and consistent estimating process that satisfies customers and simplifies sales.

Contact a Paradigm Omni Representative to learn more.

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Economic forecasts and uncertainties are real challenges. How can accurate material takeoffs help lumberyards navigate changing conditions?

Paradigm announces that its material takeoff service is compatible with SaberisConnect, a cloud-based technology-integration system for the lumber yard industry.

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