4 Reasons to Choose Paradigm Estimate

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Faster, more accurate construction takeoff services that your customers can depend on.

Add Value to Your Business

Spend less time on bid preparation and free your salespeople to win more business.

Improve Accuracy

Reduce errors and rework with automated takeoff technology.

Stay Informed

Organize projects and use valuable insights to close more bids.

A Material Takeoff for Everyone


Boost your productivity, shorten estimate turnaround times, streamline workflows, and impress your customers.

Sales Team

Gain a competitive advantage by spending less time processing bids and more time on what matters most – generating sales.


Faster and more accurate takeoffs help to reduce costs, increase productivity, and build customer loyalty.

Need help creating blueprints?

Let Paradigm Drafting take blueprint creation off your plate. Our drafting service focuses on helping homebuilders and lumberyards create new blueprints or modify blueprints you already own, so you can focus on other parts of your business and add value to your current offerings.  

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