Paradigm Insights, Business Intelligence Reporting Software

Business Intelligence Reporting Software

Paradigm Insights™ is an advanced business intelligence software that works with Paradigm Omni to provide customized sales and marketing data for day-to-day decision-making and long-term strategic planning.

Paradigm Insights™

Take the Power of Data to the Next Level

With curated datasets and reports that analyze your quote, configuration and sales statistics, adding Marketing BI to your Paradigm Omni solution applies an advanced visualization technology and presents the data you need to improve performance and make decisions with confidence.

Choose your data

You choose and refine the reports and information that help you better understand business trends, product-option details for each quote and order, prefinished color combinations by geography, hardware preferences, pricing, ship date, and more.

Watch Your Dashboards

Create meaningful dashboards for ongoing sales and operations management or take a deeper dive with easy access to a curated dataset.

Flexible Integration

Marketing BI is powered by Azure Databricks, which allows you to use the data visualization tools of your choice such as Power BI, Tableau, Apache Superset, as well as integrate with platforms like Domo, Snowflake, Qlik, or other data warehouses.*

Easy Expertise

Turn anyone into a data analyst with training from our Insights team. There’s no need for specialized knowledge, and we’ll be there when you need help.

*Customers are responsible for securing their own licensing for visualization tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Apache Superset, etc.

Paradigm Insights™

Release the Power of Your Quote and Sales Data

Paradigm Insights extracts information from Paradigm Omni. You can access both out-of-the-box and customizable reporting capabilities in two critical areas: Marketing Business Intelligence and Sales Business Intelligence.


Marketing Business Intelligence

Paradigm Insights’ Marketing Business Intelligence reporting puts you in control of your data, empowering you to answer more granular questions such as:

  • How many days does it take each of my dealers to go from quote to close?
  • Which states have the highest value sales?
  • What are sales by product series?
  • How do sales compare for different types of glass?

Sales Business Intelligence

Paradigm Insights’ Sales Business Intelligence reporting provides sales data analysis to answer common sales performance questions such as:

  • What are the close rates for each of my dealers?
  • What are the open quotes for each of my sales representatives?
  • Who are my top performing dealers?
  • What does year-over-year performance for my sales representatives look like?

Take Business Intelligence to the Next Level

Release the power of quote and sales data we already collect. Paradigm Insights extracts and conveniently presents information that’s important to you.

Improve Sales Performance

Easily identify sales rep performance, where there’s the greatest opportunity with open quotes, which dealers show the most potential, and more.

Market with Confidence

Use data to make decisions on which products and options to sell. See where they should be sold, and what opportunities are available for marketing products more strategically – all driven by data.

Don't Sweat the Tech

Access graphic, cloud-based data sets that are always available and up to date. If you need help, take advantage of training support, issue resolution, and data inquiries. It’s that easy.


Business Data Made Easy

The power of science, best-practice reporting techniques, and intuitive visualization tools put the right data in everybody’s hands right now.

Sales Professionals

Access mobile-friendly reports that provide an easy-to-interpret look at operational metrics. View close rate by dealer, open quotes by sales reps, top dealers, year-over-year comparisons, and more.

Marketing Professionals

Dig deeper into data, reports, and insights that help you better understand business trends and product-option details. Access the most current data in real time and customize reports to fit your needs.

IT Professionals

Paradigm Insights is cloud-based, so there’s no need to worry about maintenance or hardware. And Paradigm takes care of installing and maintaining the back-end reporting infrastructure for you.

Advanced Business Reporting Tools

Need real-time stats to make everyday decisions? Or are you looking for in-depth analysis that helps set strategic direction? Paradigm Insight puts the power of data at your fingertips with two valuable business intelligence tools.

  • This optional enhancement provides in-depth reports and support that help you better understand business trends and product option details
  • A set of starter reports you can use to start digging into operational metrics right away and customize later
  • Access to customer-specific data
  • Product option information
  • In-Depth “drill down” capability
  • Customized views to suit your organization’s reporting needs
  • An onboarding session to help your analysts hit the ground running
  • Ongoing Paradigm support for answering questions and adding additional data to the data warehouse
  • Cloud hosting for your Paradigm data, to support fast and easy report writing