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Considering a Drafting Service?

Published: 07/08/2021

By: Kari Tamminga, Paradigm Product Director

Over the past year and a half, I have talked to a lot of homebuilders about virtual home design software. They’re usually most interested in its ability to help homebuyers customize a home before buying or its workflow capabilities that help finalize contracts and manage design decisions throughout the build.

But lately, several builders have asked about outsourcing a drafting service. They intuitively see a connection between Paradigm’s visualization expertise and the possibility that we could help them alleviate the pressures of drafting new plans or revising existing plans.

The answer is we can! And there are some pretty good reasons to blend drafting services with visualization technology. Here are three of the best:

Given the choice between growing your business or drawing plans, most homebuilders would choose growth. Hiring and keeping a staff of qualified professionals is hard these days. Budget limitations, labor shortages, lack of expertise: You know the challenges. A drafting service allows you to focus on your core competencies and leaves the finer details for talented experts armed with the latest technology to turn your napkin sketches into buildable blueprints.

Demand for new homes is at an unprecedented high, and builders are busier than ever – on the job site and in the office. At the same time, drafting is a time-consuming task that requires specific skills and technical expertise. Paradigm Drafting™ can offer faster turnaround and an ongoing commitment to quality, because its only focus is providing site-specific plans based on whatever you and your buyers can imagine. We can even take it a step further by incorporating a Paradigm Estimate™ takeoff that thoroughly examines your blueprints and generates a fast and more accurate material list.

Among the highlights of Paradigm Omni™ visualization technology is its ability to immerse homebuyers in stunning 3D models generated from their home’s actual blueprints. The beauty of Paradigm Drafting is its ability to take the pressure of blueprint production off your plate, so you can focus on other parts of your business or simply boost plan output. Together, they’re a powerful design and visualization package. Add in a material takeoff from Paradigm Estimate, and we will take you from a pen-and-paper sketch of your dream home to a contracted home with a full material takeoff based on the site-specific blueprint.

Most builders would prefer growing their business, not drawing blueprints. A drafting service integrated with a site-specific material takeoff and visualization technology allows builders to focus on their core competencies while saving time, increasing efficiencies, and improving the customer experience.

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