Create Value for Key Stakeholders

Sales and Marketing

Create a best-in-class experience that spans in-store, in-home, online, and dealer network channels. 

IT Professionals

Enjoy a scalable, cloud-hosted solution that seamlessly integrates with your tech stack and saves time and money.

Executive Leadership

Leverage omni-channel selling to boost sales, while arming your team with better data to make decisions. 

Paradigm Safeguard is a catalog testing service which leverages existing quote and order data to compare two versions of your catalog. This PowerUp harnesses the power of cloud computing to produce a report in just a fraction of the time that it would take your organization to create manually.

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Paradigm View automatically identifies complex building products on homes. Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning help building professionals more accurately configure, quote, and sell products and allow homeowners to make selections on an image of their actual home. 

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Paradigm Insights utilizes best-in-class visualization tools and cloud technologies to present your sales data in ways that you’ve never thought possible. Drill down and filter data to answer your business questions and make data-driven decisions. 

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