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Construction Takeoffs Need More than Accuracy

Published: 04/07/2021

By: Caleb Gieseke, Manager of Operations – Estimating/Drafting

The competitive pressure facing the construction business these days is next level. A shrinking labor pool, increased material costs, and supply chain issues are just a few of the factors conspiring to add time to projects, increase costs, and create a persistent anxiety among builders, contractors, and lumberyards.

On the other hand, according to a recent report by, the U.S. construction industry is expected to grow by 15.6 percent in 2021, with long-term growth predicted to reach about $1.8 trillion by 2025. That kind of business potential, set against the industry’s unique set of business challenges, means it’s more important than ever that building product estimators lock down their bids with fast, customized, and accurate construction takeoffs.

It’s no surprise that estimators demand accurate takeoffs. Paradigm Estimate checks that box, no problem. But beyond precision, we’re seeing more and more estimators who choose Paradigm Estimate for speed and the ability to customize their material lists.

Losing a bid to a competitor because you can’t produce an estimate fast enough is unacceptable, but commonplace. A builder recently told us that he lost a complete homebuilding project while he waited for an architect to complete a takeoff. That’s just the kind of market we’re in today. Fast takeoffs give you a better chance of winning the project. That builder now relies on Paradigm Estimate to handle takeoffs with a much shorter turnaround time.

The flipside of speed is customization – because customized takeoffs that fit the way you do business save time in creating final estimates. From adjusting waste factors for specific materials, to delivering SKU mapping that connects to point-of sales-systems, Paradigm Estimate’s customized takeoffs consistently save even more time, while improving quote accuracy, and selling more business.

Schedule a demonstration to learn more about fast, customized, and accurate material takeoffs from Paradigm Estimate.

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