Paradigm Safeguard™ Launches Self Service Access.Paradigm Safeguard provide automated regression testing software for product catalogs

Paradigm introduces a self-service portal to its Paradigm Safeguard™ automated regression testing solution. The enhancement simplifies and accelerates quality assurance analysis for window and door manufacturers who manage complex product and component catalogs.

The self-service portal is built on the Paradigm Omni™ Azure platform and gives system administrators instant access to testing and management tools anytime they release new product catalogs, update existing catalogs, change product images, manage users, and more.

The simplicity and around-the-clock access to Paradigm Safeguard promises to improve regression testing turnaround and creates a better overall experience for administrators, according to Bruno Marc-Aurele, Paradigm Product Manager.


“This is more than a convenience…the turnaround time can increase to almost 50 percent faster.”

–Bruno Marc-Aurele, Paradigm Product Manager


“The new portal eliminates the need for customers to submit service requests when running tests. Now they can simply initiate testing any time right from the portal,” Marc-Aurele explains. “This is more than a convenience. We’re seeing test runs completed up to 25 percent faster, and when you eliminate the ‘non-value-add time’ to manage requests before and after each test, the turnaround time can increase to almost 50 percent faster.”

Paradigm Safeguard is a catalog regression testing software that allows manufacturers to perform thousands of automated tests comparing two catalog versions. Advanced regression testing identifies all changes associated with catalog updates, giving administrators time to address issues before they enter production and impact profitability.

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