Paradigm Case Study

Bayer Built Chooses Paradigm Omni.

Anywhere, Anytime.

In 1982, the Bayer family purchased a used door machine and started building and selling pre-hung interior doors and mouldings. Steady business growth throughout the 80s and 90s saw the addition of new product lines, more employees, a burgeoning dealer network, and automated production systems and equipment.

Now, almost 40 years after it all began, Bayer Built Woodworks is one of the premier door and millwork distributors, serving an eight-state region. The company offers customers the highest quality exterior and interior doors, mouldings, stair parts, and aluminum deck railing, and it can perform in-house pre-finishing on any of its millwork products. Information Systems Manager Zsuzsanna Bayer and her team decided it’s time to update the technology that helps sell it all. They chose Paradigm Omni to make it happen.

“We’ve invested more heavily in automation and technology than is typical in our industry,” Bayer says. “We strive to incorporate technology to be more efficient and faster, while maintaining a high quality product. Paradigm is a good fit because their solutions allow us to directly share those technology gains and efficiencies where it makes the most impact.“

With hundreds of door styles and thousands of millwork options sold through 850 independent dealers, Bayer Built requires a front-end configuration, quoting, and selling solution that dealers can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It has to allow them to easily and accurately update their product catalog selection and pricing, while also integrating with their backend ERP and eliminating manual re-entry of orders.

Orders placed through Bayer Built’s old system would arrive via email and then needed to be manually entered into an internal ERP to process the order. This required extra labor and created the possibility for entry errors on orders that were already specified and double-checked by the customer. Not an ideal experience for a company so committed to quality and efficiency.

“Our previous electronic solution worked, but we had little internal control to maintain the system, add or remove new and discontinued products, or react to pricing changes quickly,” explains Bayer.

After years of evaluating various quoting and selling solutions, Bayer Built chose Paradigm Omni.

“We needed to provide our dealers with a solution they could access anywhere at any time,” says Bayer. “Paradigm Omni brings our catalog and ordering system to customers via a browser, which provides ongoing access and allows us to easily create and modify quotes and place orders with one system that integrates with our manufacturing ERP.”

With the flexibility to harness omni-channel selling, and the technical capability to configure and quote the most complex product lines, Paradigm Omni is a configuration, quoting, and selling solution specifically tailored for window and door manufacturers, retailers, LBMs, and homebuilders.

Ever cautious and protective of its dealer relationships, Bayer Built is rolling out Paradigm Omni to dealers in a methodical fashion and will accelerate its implementation based on feedback. So far, Bayer reports that the response from dealer locations and their internal customer service team has been quite positive.

“The solution is intuitive, and they were able to start using it without a lot of in-depth training,” Bayer says. “Dealers will benefit from the ability to continuously access Paradigm Omni on any device. It gives them the benefit of viewing and adjusting quotes when they are mobile, on a job site, or with their customer outside of their office.

“It also eliminates the dealer having to manually install updates when product selections and pricing changes are made, so they can be confident in providing an accurate quote, even outside of normal business hours. And the integration with our in-house ERP will reduce the labor and prevent re-entry errors.”

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