Customer Success



End-User Experience Assessment

You think you know your customers. Even if you do, you don’t always have the luxury to see how Paradigm’s solutions impact their day-to-day interactions with your products.

Paradigm’s CX team continually talks to end users throughout the building industry. We understand exactly what’s needed to successfully adopt and use the technology that drives your business.

  • Identify the leading end-user pain points that occur throughout new software implementations. 
  • Minimize pain points during go-live.
  • Decrease end-user adoption time.
  • Maintain relationships with end users.
  • Develop end user training based on real-world feedback.

Survey Results Analysis

Paradigm can provide an overview of your Paradigm systems and the infrastructure that support it. Then we can work with you in a separate service engagement to address any issues we uncover during the system health check.

  • Survey results and reports.
  • Guided discussion to help identify insights and priorities from survey results.
  • Objective recommendations on the most important action items needed to improve end-user satisfaction.
  • Insights into Paradigm solutions that can be leveraged to support improvements.

Experience in Customer Experience

Our deep understanding of technology in the building industry means we understand what’s important to your
customers – and what bothers them most. Call on CX Services to help maximize the adoption and efficient use
of the Paradigm solutions they count on every day.

End-User Support

Custom Tutorials

CX Services can help you get the most value from the WalkMe digital adoption platform that comes embedded in Web CenterPoint.

  • Need a customized configuration? We can develop specialized workflows and tutorials just for that.
  • Incorporate specialized communications with in-app tips, direction popups, and instant surveys that keep users engaged with your products and keep you connected to your users.
  • Receive end-user reports that help you understand which tips and tutorials work best.
  • Reduce customer support time by placing help at your end users’ fingertips.
User Experience

Sessions Review and Analysis

Explore WalkMe Sessions simulations to see how users interact with your application. CX Services’ Sessions simulations record every user interaction, mouse click, and scroll. Then we analyze Sessions data, identify behavior trends, and pinpoint the why’s and why-nots of adoption.

  • Evaluate actual actions end users perform in applications.
  • Review up to one year of past activity.
  • Compare usage of new system configurations.
  • Quickly troubleshoot identified issues.