Paradigm Omni quoting software gets faster with each release. Improvements reduce non-value-added time as you produce more and larger quotes.The Need for Speed - Paradigm Omni software gets faster with each release update.

Need a reason to take advantage of Paradigm’s software release updates? Performance enhancements are at the top of the list.

The appetite for speedy applications is understandable. From e-commerce to social media, we’re all used to clicking and getting exactly what we need right away. Same goes for configuration and quoting software like Paradigm Omni. What makes them different is data – more precisely the huge amount of data exchanged while configuring complex windows and doors.

Our quality assurance team continually investigates quickness: Examining the database performance and analyzing how APIs are loading data, among other measures. Plus, on the front end, we make continual investments in upgrading our tech stack to improve speed and efficiency.

As a result, one of our primary goals with each Paradigm Omni software release is to continually address the single most desired update that customers request: Speed.

How are we doing? Using a comparison of the last three major (semiannual) releases for Paradigm Omni, here’s a glimpse of the improvements in a few of the most used tasks in the application:

Paradigm Omni Software increases speed and performance

In some cases speed was improved more than 90 percent. Other results may seem less dramatic, but any reduction in “non-value-added” time spent waiting for software pays dividends to both your bottom line and your user experience, as you produce more and larger quotes.

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