Optimization Services

Your go-live is an important milestone, but it’s not the end of the project. As your business grows, you’ll have to optimize, enhance, and refine your system to best meet your needs. Our experienced staff can help you with a variety of post-live services.

Self-Directed Support

You set the direction for a full day of service with a dedicated expert, whether you’re:

  • Looking for a system audit
  • Working on enhancement requests
  • Reviewing your business requirements and corresponding build

This service offering is a “choose your own adventure” model, where you can ask for help with whatever you’ve identified as your focus area.


Upgrade Planning

  • Feature review and recommendations on what to implement
  • Feature-based implementation project plans
  • We’ll implement the features for you
  • We’ll teach you how to maintain the features

User Training & Adoption

  • Train users how to use the features
  • Coaching on change management/user adoption strategies


  • Testing-project management
  • Lower lifecycle testing strategy, execution, and defect reporting
  • Live order regression testing
  • Test case creation and incident tracking


  • Weekend/overnight support during production upgrades

Catalog Optimization
and Maintenance

Whether you want to improve your catalog based on user feedback, need to improve its form and function, or are just not sure what you can do but know you need to do something... we can help.

We take on the responsibility of improving and maintaining your catalog so your team can focus on building new products into the catalog.

  • Make sure your catalog runs efficiently by monitoring and analyzing performance
  • Train your catalog team, so they have an easier time maintaining your catalog
  • Review and improve your catalog build through audits and functional improvements
  • Ensure accurate catalog updates through rigorous manual and automated testing
  • Define the structure of your catalog, so it’s easier and more cost efficient to maintain

Development Maintenance

Many Paradigm customers find that our standard software provides all the flexibility they need. They just flip a few switches and they’re ready to go. The beauty of Paradigm’s technology platform is that you can configure the system to meet your needs through the development of customer-specific enhancements, scripts, or features.

Unique Features Maintained

Customer-specific development expands the functionality of your software, but it can also create additional work for your team. As the standard software evolves, you’ll need to maintain those features that are unique to you.

Optimization Services

Testing and Maintenance

Regardless of whether you have customer-specific development in the application or your catalog, we can help you to test and maintain that development. Let us take this on, freeing up your time to focus on other things and giving you peace of mind.

catalog optimization

Upgrades Made Easier

We’re responsible for addressing any issues uncovered in your production environment after an upgrade when we maintain your customer-specific development. And, because you’ll be coordinating upgrades more closely with us, we’ll be able to have staff on hand to jump in and help.

Upgrade Support