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Considering a Drafting Service?

Three reasons why it might be a good idea. Given the choice between growing your business or drawing plans, most homebuilders would choose growth.

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Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Reveal an Optimization Opportunity

We are?all?feeling it: The?sticker shock?of skyrocketing lumber prices.? Estimators can?do?better with an optimized quantity takeoff.

Customers Reveal What They Like about Paradigm Estimate™

Paradigm Estimate users have been telling us what they think about our takeoff service. Here’s a glimpse at what they had to say.

Remove the Hassle of Creating Blueprints

Paradigm Drafting services offer access to design and drafting services that let you convert your ideas to accurate blueprints.

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Choose Your Takeoff Package

If you’re looking to squeeze even more of the hassle out of producing takeoffs, consider one of our handy packages for takeoff services.

Customized Construction Takeoff Software?

Customization squeezes even more value out of your takeoff. See how Paradigm Estimate™ can speed up your construction takeoff process.