Paradigm View Uses Visualization Technology

Paradigm introduces Paradigm View, a revolutionary visualization technology that automatically identifies complex building products on homes, enabling building professionals to accurately configure, quote, and sell products and allowing homeowners to easily visualize and make selections on a photograph of their actual home.

Starting with a smartphone photo, Paradigm View automatically determines where windows, doors, garage doors, and other building products are located.

In a matter of minutes, Paradigm View transforms the home into a configurable image that is used to shop and visualize any number of options and estimate the cost of product selections.

The configured image in Paradigm View showcases real product options on actual homes and allows homeowners to choose from manufacturer catalogs containing the most up-to-date products with current pricing.

Paradigm View also integrates with e-commerce solutions, so users can even add selections to a shopping cart and check out or submit their selections for more information.

“Paradigm View harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and deep machine learning to help homeowners, in-home sales representatives, and design professionals visualize and configure complex building products on any home, using just a picture” explains Matt Davis, Paradigm View Product Owner.


“It takes the guess-work out of product configuration & cost estimating for building professionals and offers homeowners a fun, easy-to-use tool for more accurately visualizing possibilities before ordering.”


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