Paradigm, an international software provider for the building products industry, has launched an initiative that aims to revolutionize the way homes are built and remodeled.

Paradigm Data Science Initiative Seeks to Change How Building Products are Sold

Harnessing the power of data, Paradigm scientists and software designers are developing a product that helps its customers, configure, price, and order exterior building products by visualizing them on their actual homes.

By leveraging data from images of houses around the world, Paradigm’s technology can identify exterior products on a house. In a matter of seconds, an image captured by a dealer or homeowner is transformed into a configurable picture that can be used to quickly and interactively pick, place, and price multiple options of building products.

Not satisfied with this configuration capability, Paradigm is also pushing technology to instantly, automatically, and accurately measure those products.


“We want to make the buying experiences as easy and as fun as possible,” explains Kari Tamminga, Paradigm Product Owner and leader of the data science team.


Tamminga continues, “Traditionally, buying building products often requires a lengthy in-home visit to precisely measure and discuss options. In addition, it’s difficult for consumers to visualize new products in the home.”

Tamminga adds that for homeowners to get a quote they can trust, they need an accurate measurement and visualization. “Our technology skips the tape measure and promises to make it both fast and easy for the homeowner and the building products dealer.”

While Paradigm continues to refine this technology, it plans to launch a commercial application this year. Meanwhile, Paradigm is pushing the boundaries of data science to develop more practical and innovative applications.

“Our goal is to use the power of science to lead the way in the renovation space for selling building products,” says Tamminga. “This initiative promises to improve how dealers sell products and inspire homeowners to choose products they love with confidence.”

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