Social distancing took on new meaning, as Paradigm® hosted more than 300 virtual attendees at the 2020 Paradigm Annual Conference September 20-21.


With more than 20 online sessions offered, IT, sales, and marketing pros, as well as executive leaders throughout the building industry, logged in to hear what’s new from Paradigm, receive product training, and offer feedback on Paradigm’s technology. Topics ranged from Paradigm breakthroughs in visualization and quoting technology, to economic forecasts in a building industry that is navigating the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Craig Webb, longtime editor of ProSales magazine and current President of Webb Analytics, shared his insights on key trends that the pandemic has influenced, and how the building industry should prepare for them.

Complementing Webb’s projections, Dr. David Dietz, National Association of Homebuilders Economist, forecasted key building industry trends, including the residential construction business’ surprising strength in the wake of COVID’s persistent lockdowns and other reactions to the pandemic.

“Each year, the Paradigm Conference aims to provide meaningful content that not only informs and challenges attendees, but also surpasses the previous year’s success,” says Paradigm CEO Nathan Herbst. “Despite the unprecedented challenges facing the industry, this year’s virtual conference delivered more value than ever.”

Paradigm’s technology platform is the largest of its kind in the world, serving customers in both new construction and renovation markets by increasing sales and operational efficiencies. Their customers include homebuilders, dealers, lumberyards, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers.