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Paradigm Celebrates Working from Home

Published: 03/16/2021

By: Paradigm Author

Where does the time go? As Paradigm crosses the one-year anniversary of working from home, it’s a question that occurs to almost everyone who has diligently worked through an unusual 365 days (and counting).

We’re proud of the way our employees have accepted and overcome both the personal and professional challenges associated with working remotely during the pandemic.

The past year has seen some outstanding work: new products, new customers, increased customer satisfaction scores, our first virtual Annual Conference, and continued company growth. Not to mention our digital commitment to supporting a fun and inclusive culture, including countless virtual happy hours, trivia nights and the beloved Paradigm Scour, our annual city-wide scavenger hunt (now with a digital twist).

To commemorate this milestone, Paradigm employees received a work-from-home anniversary pack containing a commemorative coffee mug and Paradigm’s favorite coffee blend from our local roaster. To top it off, the pack included a cake-in-a-cup mix intended to alleviate cravings for the regular doses of anniversary cake and company-sponsored treats we’ve all missed since going home.

Here’s to all the Paradigm employees who have made the past year virtually normal!

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