Paradigm Case Study

Vector Windows and Doors – A Transformation with Paradigm Omni and Paradigm Nexus.

Vector Windows and Doors.

Vector Windows and Doors is one of the top 100 window and door manufacturers in the US, serving primarily the upper Midwest region. With a focus on innovation and continuous improvement since its inception in 1995, the company faced challenges with their previous software system that supported sales and production. Lacking the necessary functionality to efficiently serve dealers and customers, this legacy system caused frustration, delays in quoting, and customer service headaches.

Joel Weber, IT Manager at Vector, emphasized that they explored various CPQ and ERP solutions and found Paradigm to be the clear winner. A relationship with Paradigm gave Vector a voice in the product’s roadmap, resulting in rapid improvements that aligned with their needs. Not only did the Paradigm system address their immediate challenges, but it also allows room for growth and the ability to adapt the software as market needs and operational requirements change.

Start by Addressing Pain Points

The impact of Vector’s choice on dealers and customers was significant. Paradigm Omni and Paradigm Nexus addressed critical pain points that reduced frustration, increased efficiency, and led to a transformation in operations and customer satisfaction.

Faster quoting and an enhanced customer experience were provided through Paradigm Omni’s user-friendly and speedy quoting functionality. Its streamlined mulling process reduced errors, simplified configuration for customers, and improved search capabilities.

In addition, Vector can now easily access historical data, orders, and customized product catalogs. All this not only improved internal processes but also increased dealer adoption and satisfaction, enabling dealers to more frequently create quotes themselves. In fact, Vector’s Net Promoter Score that measures dealer satisfaction with Paradigm Omni has increased 300 percent compared to their previous solution.

On the production side of the business, Paradigm Nexus created better order tracking and warehouse management, something that was painfully missing from Vector’s previous ERP.

Weber recalls, “We knew what parts we had but no ability to see where they were, manage them, or transfer them between facilities. Paradigm has turned our material handling processes 180 degrees – it’s absolutely dramatic.”

Picking a Partner for Today and Tomorrow

While Vector’s decision to choose Paradigm heavily leaned on technical and operational impacts of the software, Paradigm’s commitment to a strong partnership and technology-forward mindset is what sealed the deal.

Weber notes, “We had fallen into the trap of accepting our circumstances and not seeing what was possible. Paradigm opened our eyes to new horizons and gave us the tools to keep growing and improving.”

“We now have what I see as an equal partnership, allowing our involvement in product improvements that have a real impact. The next time we accept one of Paradigm’s regular product upgrades, we’ll know there’s a ton of stuff in it that has our fingerprints all over it. Paradigm has allowed us to have a strong voice and impact on the product road map. The partnership has been extremely valuable.”


The relationship with Paradigm has been a game-changer for Vector. The company now possesses the technology to support its growth and the confidence that their chosen partner is forward-thinking and dedicated to their success.

Operations have become more efficient, the customer experience has improved, and there is a roadmap for further enhancements. Paradigm has equipped Vector with the tools to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, and the company is delighted with the decision to switch.