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Enter the Paradigm Estimate™ Project Portal

Published: 07/22/2021

By: Mohammad Zagnoon, Director of Operations, Paradigm Estimate

Your Gateway to Organized Takeoff Software and More

Organized Takeoff Software

For lumberyard and construction project estimators and salespeople, saving time and improving estimate accuracy are the keys to winning bids and selling more jobs. Paradigm Estimate has you covered there. But if you’re looking for even greater estimating efficiencies, check out the Paradigm Estimate Project Portal.

Simply create a secure account in the portal and start a project by uploading a PDF of your blueprint. Paradigm Estimate will take it from there, analyzing your blueprints and generating an itemized material takeoff list. The takeoff software features the type, size, quantity, and application of all construction materials needed for an accurate bid. No need for paper documents, email strings or phone messages.

The portal houses all of your takeoffs in one convenient location. Login any time you want to submit projects, view takeoff status, and download your completed takeoffs. You can even receive notifications when your takeoffs are ready.

Say you want to see how your material list changes if you use fiber cement siding instead of vinyl or adjust other project specifications. Upcoming portal enhancements will allow you to interact with marked up plans to change specs on the fly and see how they affect the estimate. More insights on project types and who’s buying, upselling opportunities, and other data are also coming soon. These analytics will provide you with a better understanding of your business and help adjust your estimating process. And new account management tools will allow you to view your Paradigm Estimate subscription status.

Access to the Paradigm Estimate Project Portal is available to all subscribed Paradigm Estimate customers. Go to to create a username and password, and start estimating today!

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