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Paradigm Selects Industry Leader to Head Cybersecurity

Published: 03/24/2021

By: Paradigm Author

Paradigm announces the appointment of Daniel Creed as Vice President of Cloud and Information Security. As a key member of the Paradigm leadership team, Creed will oversee the organization’s cloud technology and information security operations.

Dan Creed, VP of Cloud and Information Security

Daniel Creed

Creed is an information security and cloud computing professional with more than 25 years of experience building and managing teams in information security and cloud architecture. From the Department of Defense and NASA, to the University of Wisconsin, Creed is a sought-after expert who has helped organizations design some of the most robust and complex information and security systems and networks in the world.

“Paradigm’s commitment to cybersecurity and data hygiene is paramount to the success of our customers and our organization,” says Nathan Herbst, Paradigm Founder. “Dan’s vast real-world expertise broadens that commitment even further. Together, we will continue ensuring our cloud technology and information security can stand against any threat. It’s a serious responsibility that permeates the entire Paradigm organization.”

Paradigm’s technology platform is the largest of its kind in the world, serving customers in both new construction and renovation markets by increasing sales and operational efficiencies. Its customers include manufacturers, homebuilders, remodelers, dealers, lumberyards, distributors, and retailers. For more information, visit

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