We’re excited to announce a name change as part of a branding initiative that emphasizes our high standards of leadership, expertise, and innovation in the building products industry. WTS Paradigm will now be branded as Paradigm.

Our CEO, Nathan Herbst, explains the concept behind the change: “The word ‘paradigm’ is defined as a model,” he says. “And our new company brand reflects our goal to be a model for the building products industry.”

He adds, “We’ve been delivering technology solutions to the building products industry for two decades. We’ve helped large, multi-national corporations and smaller, regional players solve some of their biggest business challenges. The trust our customers have placed in us is a testament to our commitment to doing the right thing for them every day. That’s a commitment worthy of the name Paradigm.”

In addition to the new name, we’re implementing a convenient bundling and naming convention for our marquee products: Paradigm Omni and Paradigm Nexus.

  • Paradigm Omni is a cloud-hosted, web-based configuration, quoting, and selling solution for manufacturers and retailers.
  • Paradigm Nexus is an enterprise resource planning solution specifically designed for the building products industry.

Together, Paradigm Omni and Paradigm Nexus provide a cohesive configuration and quoting experience that seamlessly integrates with scheduling, purchasing, manufacturing, shipping, and invoicing. In addition, a selection of Paradigm Omni PowerUps and Paradigm Nexus PowerUps can be added to each solution, to further enhance and customize the configuration, quoting and project management experience.

“We seek to revolutionize the building products industry through disruptive technology that benefits our customers,” Herbst says. “True to our name, we will continue striving to be the industry model for these products and services.”