Builders tell us it’s an extraordinary time to be a homebuilder, and building technology that enhances the homebuying experience and streamlines the design process will help them succeed. Building Technology

Here’s a look at the top five things builders want from home design technology:

New builds are selling fast in the current housing market, and it’s challenging to keep up with demand. E-commerce-style solutions that let homebuyers match house models to appropriate lots – and even reserve their spot – benefit both the buyer and builder.

Today’s buyers want homebuying to match their other buying experiences. Online catalogs and product selections, virtual tours, 3D modeling, and real-time visualization are becoming must-haves. Buyers appreciate digital tools that allow them to shop for their dream home and choose interior and exterior design features on actual home models – all from the comfort of their home.

Building Technology

Virtual design should enhance the builder’s design center, not replace it. Design portals that gather homeowner choices allow designers to access selection data and initiate a co-design process that values homeowner ideas, creates a methodical workflow, reduces design-to-dig time.

Technology that reduces the stress of building a home is a needed addition to the homebuilding journey. From choosing models and visualizing features online, to approving the final design, the right building technology can engage buyers in ways that reduce friction and enhance the building experience.

Social distancing and protecting homebuyer and employee health have become everyday concerns for homebuilders in 2020. By engaging buyers with an online home design alternative, builders remove some of the anxiety of jump-starting the homebuying process.

As a software company exclusively focused on developing solutions for the building industry, we hear a lot of ideas from builders. Paradigm Omni virtual home design software is a great example of a technology that addresses builder business challenges and buyer expectations for an enhanced design process and a more engaging homebuilding experience. See how Omni for Homebuilders works.