Three Ways Paradigm’s Takeoff Service Sells More Windows


takeoff service

True story: Material takeoffs are an inescapable step in the bidding and selling process. Even truer story: Nobody likes producing material takeoffs and creating estimates. They’re time-consuming, prone to inaccuracies and, frankly, they’re a headache.

Paradigm Estimate takeoff service saves time and even removes the hassle of creating accurate takeoffs. Simply upload the blueprints into the Paradigm Estimate Portal, and Paradigm Estimate takes care of everything required to generate a quote. Done, right?

Not so fast. Chances are your estimate is competing with one or several rival bids, so a successful sale isn’t necessarily in the bag. Fortunately, Paradigm Estimate has that covered, too.
Here are three ways this innovative material takeoff service can help you actually sell more windows:

Paradigm Estimate’s innovative takeoff service thoroughly examines blueprints and shortens takeoff turnaround times. This helps create an organized, sustainable workflow, and frees you to focus sales expertise where it counts: on consultative selling, cross-selling, and building relationships.

Use Paradigm Estimate to access valuable data and insights on bid volume, win-loss ratios, and more. The Paradigm Estimate Portal also houses all of your blueprints in one place, and you can check project status anytime.

Paradigm Estimate helps elevate installer relationships and customer loyalty by providing a list of suggested installation materials, such as window tape, flex tape, drip cap, caulk, foam, nails, and shims. Add additional value with product QR codes that help contractors and builders pinpoint exact installation locations of each window on the house.

If you want to spend more time connecting with customers and less time scouring blueprints for takeoff details, Paradigm Estimate offers the speed, accuracy, and selling power to get the job done.