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Technical Services

Paradigm provides a full range of technical services to keep your system's infrastructure working at its best, including two post-live technical support services: customer-specific development maintenance and system health checks.

Development Maintenance

Many Paradigm customers find that our standard software provides all the flexibility they need. They just flip a few switches and they’re ready to go. The beauty of Paradigm’s technology platform is that you can configure the system to meet your needs through developing customer-specific enhancements, scripts, or features.

Unique Features Maintained

Customer-specific development expands the functionality of your software, but it can also create additional work for your team. As the standard software evolves, you’ll need to maintain those features that are unique to you.

Testing and Maintenance

Regardless of whether you have customer-specific development in the application or your catalog, we can help you to test and maintain that development. Let us take this on, freeing up your time to focus on other things and giving you peace of mind.

Upgrades Made Easier

We’re responsible for addressing any issues uncovered in your production environment after an upgrade when we maintain your customer-specific development. And, because you’ll be coordinating upgrades more closely with us, we’ll be able to have staff on hand to jump in and help.

System Health Checks

System health checks let us proactively evaluate your systems to ensure that your infrastructure is in good shape.

We look at how the system is configured, the health of your servers, your database backups, and index fragmentation. We then provide an overview of your Paradigm systems and infrastructure that supports it.

We can work with you in a separate service engagement to address any issues we uncover during the system health check.

System Health Check