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Paradigm is the omni-channel quoting and selling technology behind some of the world's premier home improvement retailers. In fact, Paradigm has helped build best-in-class customer experiences for three of the four largest home improvement retailers in the U.S.

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Paradigm Omni & Web CenterPoint

Quoting Technology

Retailers seeking to optimize a physical and digital sales experience can rely on Paradigm solutions to create a contemporary, cohesive, and effective user experience that gets results at every touchpoint. Paradigm Omni is a cloud-hosted quoting and selling software for highly configurable building products.  

  • Simplify quoting and order management.
  • Create a consistent experience across retail locations.  
  • Standardize catalogs from multiple suppliers.
  • Present a uniform user experience. 
  • Provide valuable insights into quotes, orders, and sales performance data. 
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