Paradigm sends employees work-from-home COVID care packages.

At the time of this writing, Paradigm’s dedicated staff has been working from home 61 days, due to the COVID-19 situation. That’s more than eight weeks. Or 1,464 hours. Or 87,840 minutes. More than 15 percent of 2020. Not that anybody is counting.

In fact, except for their daily commute, Paradigm’s 255 employees have pretty much managed to maintain business as usual in these unusual times – quietly and without protest.

But when mysterious work-from-home COVID care packages started arriving on doorsteps and in mailboxes throughout the U.S., Canada, and France, employees finally spoke up – and it was an inspiration.

Paradigm sends employees work-from-home COVID care packages

Over a two-day period, Paradigm’s HR department assembled a team to deliver the care packages to each employee through the mail or hand-delivered ding-dong-ditch style (to maintain social distancing). The packages were stuffed with fun tokens of appreciation ranging from a roll of toilet paper and face masks, to snacks and gift cards for local restaurants. An accompanying note of gratitude shined a light on Paradigm’s culture and the commitment to its employees:

“Remaining #paradigmstrong. It isn’t always easy – but we know that our #paradigmtalent can do it. Here is a little something to make sure you are staying safe and healthy during this crazy time – a balance of business up front and a little party in the back (#covidmullet), just like Paradigm. We #lovewherewework and miss you.”

Paradigm employees responded in kind with a stream of texts, emails, and social posts. Here’s an uplifting sample of our socially distant staff who have taken care of business for the past 5,270,400 seconds — and counting.


“Sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way…Thanks to our team that keeps culture going, even when remote!”


“When Paradigm drops off a little care package to show you that you’re a valued member of the team, the day gets a little better. This is a fantastic company to work for and a great team of people. ”


“It’s these little things that really energize me during this hard time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I LOVE OUR HR team so much, you have no idea! ❤”


“This company is seriously the best! You guys rock. ❤”


“Really great and thoughtful…absolutely put a smile on my face.”