I’m proud that during a tough time Paradigm pushes forward to a bright future.

A Little Balance and Perseverance Go a Long Way

As the Paradigm family enters another week of working from home, it’s encouraging to see how everybody has not only adjusted to the circumstances with good humor, but has rallied to take care of business while taking care of themselves. We’re certainly in unprecedented times that will test us all on many levels.

My main advice to Paradigm’s employees, and anybody else willing to listen, is to keep steady and persevere. We’ve done it before.

A Defining Moment

Awhile back, my son asked me what’s the biggest part of success. A lot of people might say education, IQ, or whatever.  In my world, balance and perseverance are critical ingredients to success. Take the financial crisis of 2008. In all my career, the Great Recession is one of the most fitting parallels to making tough decisions in the extraordinary times we face today.

Things were scary back then, especially if you happened to own a software company related to the housing industry. Fear was everywhere. Everyone was saying we wouldn’t make it, and the industry we serve was going away. Much like today’s situation, if you lived through that time, you understand the anxiety everybody went through. 

I like to look back at 2008 as a defining moment for our company. It was a time that forced us to examine tough choices, make big decisions, and take some calculated risks. More importantly, it taught us lessons that we continue to rely on today. Whether we made all the right decisions is debatable. But our persistent, balanced approach played an important role in weathering the storm.

In fact, a Harvard Business Review study supports our business strategy. It found companies that balance defensive moves, such as improving operational efficiency, and offensive moves, such as investment in R&D, survived recessionary periods and flourished afterward.

Challenges Push Us

If you look at Paradigm’s company history since that time, you’ll see more than a decade of challenges. Some were self-inflicted and some were brought to us. Each of those challenges pushed us to invest and think bigger than ever. And, fortunately, it’s paid off.

I’m proud that during a tough time Paradigm pushes forward to a bright future. While we’ll likely live in a different world when COVID-19 is over, perseverance and balance in times of crisis are critical to the success of every business. I believe it’s doable, because we’ve done it before.