Paradigm Vendo Testimonial:

Paradigm Vendo™ Drives Sales Success for The Window Depot

The success and rapid growth of The Window Depot has generated some challenges in the way its sales representatives sell windows to homeowners.

That’s why Mitch Foster, Sales Manager for the Tampa Bay home improvement company, searched for a quoting and selling solution that establishes a consistent in-home sales process, simplifies training for his expanding sales team, and creates a unique customer experience that helps ensure repeat and referral business.

He turned to Paradigm Vendo™ for help and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Keeping it Simple is the Key

Customized for The Window Depot, Paradigm Vendo is a digital quoting and selling application that creates a faster, easier and more consistent in-home sales process and provides a better window-buying experience for homeowners.

“Most of our rapid growth challenges have revolved around making sure all our salespeople are doing things the way that has made us successful,” Mitch says. Paradigm Vendo gives us the ability to help salespeople stick to a consistent process, plus keep it simple…price jobs consistently…engage the customer and give them the tools to succeed.”

Here's what Mitch has to say about all of that:

Process Payoff

“Vendo gives sales reps that control to walk through a consistent sales process and follow a procedure to sell the right things and avoid problems down the road. So now suddenly they’re going from barely making bonus to comfortably qualifying for bonus two weeks into the month.

I think we have yet to see the full potential of what Vendo can bring to us, but the turnaround in the success of our sales procedures so far has been substantial.”

The Power of Simplicity

“It has really been interesting to see how simple Vendo is. We can basically take somebody who doesn’t know a lot about selling windows and put them in a house to comfortably sell windows in two weeks. It’s like there was a missing tool, and Vendo was all they needed to give them confidence.

The two least technologically savvy people on our sales team have been most successful in implementing Vendo. That speaks volumes to how easy it is to operate in a home.”

Paradigm Partnership

"The Paradigm team has been very, very accommodating as we roll out Vendo. They said, ‘what do you need the system to do, and how do we make this The Window Depot’s system?’ The biggest difference between this and programs entertained in the past is that Vendo was really a collaborative effort.

Before Paradigm, our selling system was very schizophrenic. Since we’ve implemented Vendo, everything is very congruent and we’re all on the same page."

Customer Collaboration

“One of the hardest things about selling in the home is getting that customer engagement -- getting them to take part in the process. With Vendo, customers tell us it's exciting because no one's done anything like this. It makes the sales process very collaborative. And it elevates the professionalism in the home.”

Sales Success

"Let’s look at numbers during the month we started on Vendo: Last year, without Vendo, at the same point in time, with the same number of sales reps, we were only selling about $360,000 for the month. During the corresponding month this year, with the same number of sales reps on Vendo – but with fewer leads – we were at $671,000…"

“…And probably one of our biggest successes with Vendo was the guy who typically sells $60,000 to $70,000 a month for the entire time he’s been with the company. He’s at $170,000 already this month! When I asked him what’s the biggest difference, he said it’s in the way they’re able to engage with customers.”

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