Paradigm introduces Paradigm Omni, a complete reimagination of its popular configuration, quoting, and selling technology.

Paradigm Omni quoting and selling solution

Specifically designed for window and door manufacturers and dealers, Paradigm Omni is a cloud-hosted, omni-channel selling solution.

It includes a project simulator for customer lead generation, an independent web configurator for e-commerce channels, and a web application encryption designed for resellers and traveling salespeople who rely on mobile devices.

Because it’s a web-based solution, Paradigm Omni is scalable and seamlessly integrates with existing technology. Hosting services, software upgrades, system security, disaster recovery, and application support are all included in the Paradigm Omni package. And the application is fast – faster than desktop solutions, which allows users to spend more time tasks that add value to their bottom line.

In addition, Paradigm Omni’s analytical capabilities allow manufacturers to offer their dealers valuable insights into quotes, orders, and sales-performance data to help make better decisions that increase revenue.


“If you’re seeking a quoting and selling solution that not only increases sales, but also enhances the buying experience and customer loyalty, Paradigm Omni is the leading choice,” says Jess Williamson, Product Owner.


“It supports all sales channels, which allows customers to start the quoting and buying process in any outlet. Customizable features and built-in analytics capabilities help ensure accurate orders every time and solve the toughest challenges manufacturers and their customers face.”

Paradigm Omni capabilities can be enhanced with optional modules called PowerUps. The Paradigm Insights PowerUp is a business intelligence tool designed to make it easier to analyze and interpret quoting and sales data and help make better strategic business decisions.

It is an automated testing solution that helps maintain the quality and integrity of product catalog content and resolve errors before they affect orders and sales results.

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