It’s been couple of months since Paradigm moved back into its newly remodeled office space in Middleton, Wisconsin, and the final flourishes added since then have made the space better than ever.

From comfy couches to quirky conference rooms, Paradigm staff and visitors alike say the new look is a hit. Among the highlights: Creative and innovative conference spaces that make those long meetings a little more enjoyable.

There’s expanded office space for our ever-growing staff. Six big skylights bring a little more sunshine to our day. And windows and doors throughout the building literally showcase our customers’ finest products.

Not to mention the fun stuff: Modern couches, chairs, and ottomans are the ideal accessory for the 15-foot LCD screen in our “Central Park” common space — perfect for watching the big game or the occasional Star Wars installment.

And, of course, there’s a ping-pong and pool table, foosball, tropical fish, a giant breakfast bar, and an entertainment bar — all ready to host our valued customers and friends.

Most of all, Paradigm’s re-fashioned space complements the spirit of its inhabitants: fun and intelligent humans who are passionate about the building products industry.

We’re proud of the work environment we’ve created. It represents a fresh start, while building on the camaraderie and work ethic that has evolved since Paradigm was founded 20 years ago. We can’t wait to settle in more, continue to grow, and see what’s next.