Paradigm Estimate takeoff software
Save Time

Paradigm Estimate is a fast and convenient material takeoff service that removes the aggravation of doing takeoffs and frees your sales team to spend more time selling.

Improve Accuracy

Paradigm Estimate is backed by more than 50,000 successful takeoffs – and counting. Identify all the right openings and call out blueprint discrepancies.

Sell More

Spare your sales team the hassle of going through pages of blueprints. Free them to get out and sell your products.

Construction Takeoff and Estimating Software

How Paradigm Estimate Works

Start a New Project

Easily access the Paradigm Estimate Portal to upload blueprints.

Select your package and options, such as Windows/Door and installation materials.

Convenient portal houses all your projects in one place.

Check project status and monitor projects anytime.

Hassle-Free Takeoffs

Paradigm Estimate's innovative technology examines your blueprints and creates a detailed window and door schedule, a marked-up plan highlighting details for each opening.

Advanced measurement functionality verifies dimensions which will flag discrepancies when differences exist within the blueprints pages.

A list of suggested installation materials is also available.

Tailor Outputs to Produce More Competitive Quote

Paradigm Estimate allows you to make product suggestions based on region, square footage, and other parameters that make it easier to specify the right window or door for any situation.

Visualize all blueprint openings and discrepancies.

Seamlessly integrate your takeoff with the Paradigm Omni to expedite quoting.

More Than a Takeoff

Add value to the installer by calculating the suggested installation materials to bring with for the job.

Visualize the exact opening on the blueprint during install, helping to ensure the right product is installed where it is needed.

Leverage the data through ordering step and analyze lost jobs or channel conflicts.

Focus on What Matters

If you want to spend more time connecting with customers and less time combing through seemingly endless blueprint details, Paradigm Estimate offers faster and more accurate takeoffs.

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