Delivery Tracking Software

Paradigm Delivery™ is a web-based, mobile-friendly proof-of-delivery PowerUp for the Paradigm Nexus ERP platform.

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Paradigm Delivery

Information at your fingertips.

Paradigm Delivery provides drivers and shipping staff with mobile-friendly tools to streamline the delivery process and capture valuable insights into your shipping operations.

Real-Time Tracking


Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency
& Accuracy

Gain New Insights

Gain New

Paradigm Delivery


Paradigm Delivery ensures a smooth and professional experience by keeping everybody—from shipping department staff to drivers to customers—thoroughly informed and confident the delivery is on track.

Shipping Office

Gain much-needed visibility into the delivery operations of your business. Driver monitoring, notification of incomplete or rejected items,
and real-time push notifications are just a few of the tools this PowerUp brings.

Delivery Driver

Reduce confusion and elevate professionalism with paperless display of manifests, barcode scanning, and e-signature collection. Drivers can also view details of upcoming deliveries and confirm the route to their next stop.


Elevate customer confidence and reduce disputes with real-time delivery status information,
e-signatures, and photographic documentation.

Fast-Paced Shipping Tools

We know that the shipping department can be a hectic place that relies on quick decisions. Paradigm Delivery has the tools your shipping department needs to make better, faster decisions.