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Operational Services

Your go-live is an important milestone, but it’s not the end of the project. As your business grows, you’ll have to optimize, enhance, and refine your system to best meet your needs. Our experienced staff can help you in three key areas with our post-live operational consulting services: training, upgrade support, and self-directed support.


Our training services offload or supplement training responsibilities for your teams, whether it’s training for your sales team, your IT team, your dealers, or your end users. We’ll not only train them, but also provide the materials—videos, feature sheets, and workflow diagrams—based on your specific business.

For Your Staff
  • Software setup and maintenance
  • New hire courses: train new staff on the basics of administering and supporting your system
  • Advanced courses: train experienced staff on advanced features or system support strategies
For Your Trainers
  • Creating training materials
  • Training the trainers' sessions
For Your Dealers and End Users
  • Training or re-training end users on standard or your specific workflows; highlighting tips and tricks to improve efficiency
  • Reviewing and educating users on new features following upgrade

Implementation Planning

  • Feature review and recommendations on what to implement
  • Feature-based implementation project plans
  • We’ll implement the features for you
  • We’ll teach you how to maintain the features

User Training & Adoption

  • Train users how to use the features
  • Coaching on change management/user adoption strategies


  • Testing project management
  • Lower lifecycle testing strategy, execution, and defect reporting
  • Live order regression testing
  • Test case creation and incident tracking


  • Weekend/overnight support during production upgrades

Self-Directed Support

You set the direction for a full day of service with a dedicated expert, whether you’re:

  • Looking for a system audit
  • Working on enhancement requests
  • Reviewing your business requirements and corresponding build

This service offering is a “choose your own adventure” model, where you can ask for help with whatever you’ve identified as your focus area.