Paradigm Vendo Testimonial:

Giving Simplified Digital
Selling a Chance.

LEI Home Enhancements Chooses Paradigm Vendo.

When it comes to building a business, Marc Longworth and Robert Keller believe in giving people chances and developing their full potential. It’s a philosophy that fits perfectly in the home improvement company they founded in 2009.

With a goal of growing the 34-franchise window, door, and siding business to 100 franchises by 2025, LEI Home Enhancements cultivates young and motivated individuals from all walks of life and helps them achieve their dreams, in both business and life — #youngentrepreneur


To that end, LEI has invested in technology that helps associates improve their customer experience and create a seamless connection between the company’s existing CRM and its new LEI Genesis software powered by Paradigm Vendo™. The innovative digital selling software allows LEI to enhance its entire consultation process within the home or virtually, particularly when it comes to quoting and selling windows.

Out with the Old

“The window industry is primed for new technologies that provide opportunities for advancement, by employing digital programs, rather than the old manual paper methods,” says Christina Beckman, LEI Project Lead. “In the past, team members would carry 40-pounds of props and presentation materials into the home. Now, with a digital technology, we can share all the inner workings of our windows in a digital space.”

Paradigm Vendo is a digital selling solution that lets in-home sales professionals take control of appointment management, presentations, product configuration options, quoting, financing alternatives, and e-signatures – all with one app, in home or virtually.

“Simplicity is what we were really looking for in our customer experience. Paradigm Vendo makes the sales consultation process easy for our franchisees and the homeowner,” Beckman explains.

Finding the Answer

Naturally, the search for a digital selling solution started online. The LEI team quickly discovered that Paradigm was the quoting technology behind the window manufacturer that supplies LEI with its signature line of windows.

“It was clear Paradigm understands window configuration. And after visiting the Paradigm website and watching the video about Paradigm Vendo, we found the answers we were looking for,” Beckman says.

From there, it didn’t take long before LEI was moving forward with Paradigm Vendo. The LEI team notes that weekly meetings during implementation and a rollout presentation at LEI’s franchise retreat were key to educating franchise owners and building excitement around the new technology.

“The response from franchisees at our national meeting was very positive,” says Rhonda Gaskill, VP of Franchise Development. “Lots of excitement and lots of good questions. Everybody was very engaged and wanted to get started right away. One of the franchisees even got up and hugged me!”

“It was clear Paradigm understands window configuration.”

Christina Beckman

LEI Home Enhancements Project Lead

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