If the question is how to manage 2021’s greatest challenges, like takeoff technology, then yes.

Homebuilders are facing an odd mix of business challenges these days. Increased material costs, supply chain issues, and a shrinking labor pool all collude to add more time and cost to home builds. When you add in remarkably high demand for new homes and low home inventory, builders start looking for new ways to increase speed and efficiencies wherever possible. Innovations in blueprint creation, material takeoff technology, and virtual home design software can help.

A recent NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index noted that the second-most widespread problem facing builders in 2021 will be the availability/time it takes to obtain building materials (with material pricing topping the list of concerns).

And even though homebuyer demand remains strong, NAHB reports that building delays are resulting from material shortages, which are forcing builders and buyers to deal with affordability in the face of escalating lumber prices.

This combination of positive business potential, set against the industry’s current and unique business challenges, means it’s more important than ever that builders improve construction efficiencies and control material costs, starting with construction material estimates. As a result, we’re seeing more builders turn to estimating and takeoff technology like Paradigm Estimate, mostly because they need to produce fast and accurate estimates to lock in costs and defend against more nimble competition.

Losing business to a competitor because of an inefficient estimating process is unacceptable, but it’s becoming more common in today’s tight building supplies market. A builder recently told me that he lost a complete homebuilding project while waiting for an architect to complete a takeoff. With competition like that, fast and accurate construction takeoff technology gives you a better chance of keeping a homebuyer, by modernizing estimating and material procurement.

Paradigm Estimate thoroughly analyzes blueprints and generates a customized material takeoff. From controlling waste factors for specific materials, to producing accurate takeoffs based on 3D models created in Paradigm’s home visualization software, a Paradigm Estimate takeoff can reliably create operational efficiencies, improve budget planning, and streamline the estimating function with your suppliers.

For builders looking to mitigate the impact of material pricing and the related business challenges facing the construction industry today, fast and accurate material takeoff services have something to offer. Learn more at myparadigm.com/estimate.