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Home Visualization that Drives a World-Class Experience.

Helping Buyers See Themselves In a Signature Home.

Becoming one of the South’s leading residential developers takes more than building houses. For Signature Homes, it takes an unwavering commitment to creating a world-class homebuying experience. Season Lane, Signature’s Creative Director, believes the foundation for that experience starts with helping buyers visualize their future in a Signature Home.

“Giving homebuyers the opportunity to see themselves in their new home and community before building is essential to the experience we try to create,” she says. “Paradigm’s 3D home visualization allows us to do that.”

Here’s what she and the builder’s Executive Vice President, Tyler Belcher, have to say about the advantages of incorporating visualization into the Signature homebuying experience.

Seeing Beyond the Model

“Homebuyers want to experience firsthand how their options can be put together the way they want them,” Lane explains, noting that model homes help buyers visualize, but only to a degree.

“We had customers going into models, seeing everything put together in one nice design and saying, ‘I want that.’ They were choosing exact copies of our models because they couldn’t see different options put together. 3D home visualization helps them see beyond the model and solves questions around available options they couldn’t imagine before.”

Integrating the Design Center

Emphasizing that visualization technology doesn’t replace a professional design center, Belcher says the home visualizer makes an already-great design process even better. “Homeowners can still see and touch options at the design center, but now they can also explore options on their own, which makes them more prepared to make decisions when they visit with our designers.”

Lane agrees. “We just look more prepared, and the homeowner is more prepared to make their decisions at their appointment, sign their paperwork, and walk out the door feeling confident in all their selections.”

Exceeding Expectations

“The Visualizer allows us to show a more complete picture of what’s being built,” Belcher says. "If the homeowner is unclear on what to expect, we lose, no matter how clear we think we are. Either the customer is upset or we have to spend time correcting a problem. Home visualization helps eliminate those gaps in expectations.”

“Referrals are our primary marketing effort,” adds Lane. “That world-class experience we strive for is tied directly to ensuring expectations are met or exceeded. Visualization technology has helped us up our game on what we can show customers and ensure there are no gaps.”

Paradigm Drives us Farther

“We chose Paradigm because we were driven to improve our customer experience,” Lane says. “But after we started working together, we found that Paradigm could drive us even farther than we expected.”

“We were good before. And we always had great products,” Belcher adds. “With Paradigm, now the world can see and understand what’s available more easily. You helped us establish standards for visualizing our plans and product offerings and find the right amount of choice to offer customers. And you made the customer experience cool, seamless, fun, fast, and accurate. In short, Paradigm made us better.”

Paradigm Home Visualization for Signature Homes

Virtual Home Design from Paradigm

Paradigm home visualization creates a buying and building experience that lets homebuyers choose, visualize, and manage what matters to them most.

By creating a 360-degree virtual home, buyers can customize their dream home, see how selections affect pricing and building allowances, and visualize their choices before building begins.

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