Home Design Software Creates Options and Happy Tradeoffs.


When it comes to designing a home, having too few options is not an option. Buyers want choices.

From siding and roofing to floor tile and vaulted ceilings, the ability to customize a home’s details is what makes it a dream home. But builders know the dream can quickly collide with reality when faced with one particular option: The budget.

The home design software driving Paradigm Omni solves the budget vs. dream home dilemma by allowing builders to showcase any number of design options within a buyer’s budget and model selection. The builder controls the design experience in an easy-to-use interface, whether it’s displaying different elevations, showcasing full house walkthroughs with configuration, or comparing pricing and building allowances for selected features. The combinations are endless.

Best of all, buyers can visualize their choices and make informed tradeoffs within their budget and get that custom home experience in a production home. Want to exchange that center island and fancy range hood for a raised ceiling or wall of windows? Paradigm Omni can configure and visualize it, plus compare the cost of the upgrades.

Paradigm understands that builders want buyers to feel like they’ve built the most beautiful house, specific to their choices and lifestyle. And just because they have a budget doesn’t mean they can’t get their dream home. Paradigm Omni can help make that dream a reality.