General Services

Paradigm provides a variety of other professional services including staff augmentation, training, and system health checks to help meet your business needs.

Staff Augmentation

If you have a project that your staff can’t tackle within the desired timeframe, we’re happy to help. Our experienced staff and time-tested methodologies help you with both software and business initiatives.

Our consulting teams are made up of people who understand the intersection of software, technology, and the building products industry. Each team brings a wide variety of skillsets and qualifications to the project.

Project Management

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)-trained
  • Guided waterfall & agile
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)-based project execution

Business Analysts

  • Business requirements
  • Workflow documentation
  • Test script execution

Development & Integration

  • .NET
  • C#
  • Web


Heath Checks & Infrastructure Updates

System health checks let us proactively evaluate your systems to ensure that your infrastructure is in good shape.

We look at how the system is configured, the health of your servers, your database backups, and index fragmentation. We then provide an overview of your Paradigm systems and infrastructure that support it.

We can work with you in a separate service engagement to address any issues we uncover during the system health check.

System Health Check


Our training services offload or supplement training responsibilities for your teams, whether it’s training for your sales team, your IT team, your dealers, or your end users. We’ll not only train them, but also provide the materials—videos, feature sheets, and workflow diagrams—based on your specific business.

For Your Staff
  • Software setup and maintenance
  • New hire courses: train new staff on the basics of administering and supporting your system
  • Advanced courses: train experienced staff on advanced features or system support strategies
For Your Trainers
  • Creating training materials
  • Training the trainers' sessions
For Your Dealers and End Users
  • Training or re-training end users on standard or your specific workflows; highlighting tips and tricks to improve efficiency
  • Reviewing and educating users on new features following upgrade