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Paradigm Vendo is the preferred digital quoting and selling solution for EcoView America’s sales professionals. From the first appointment to e-signatures on contracts, EcoView counts on Paradigm Vendo to help wow homeowners and close more deals. See what makes this digital selling solution the right choice for in-home sales success

In-home sales get a whole lot easier when you go digital

When Alabama-based EcoView America made the business decision to consolidate its product offering and concentrate on selling high-quality replacement windows in 2009, company President James Dobyne admits he held his breath a little. It wasn’t long before he breathed a sigh of relief.

“We were doing everything, from kitchens and baths, roofing, windows, siding, patio rooms, etc., and we decided to take a stab at selling only replacement windows,” Dobyne explains. “Three months later, we knew we had a tiger by the tail. We were earning more profit, salespeople became focused window experts, and managing our installers became simpler. Life was much easier.”

Since then, EcoView has added entry doors to its line of products and now manages a national network of independent licensed dealers. More than 35 locations offer premium and affordable windows and doors to homeowners who need experts they can trust with their home improvement and home energy efficiency needs.

Managing Sales Success with Paradigm Vendo

While a new product strategy made life easier for the EcoView team, sustaining growth, managing in-home sales calls, and consistently generating an exceptional customer experience were challenges that came with success. A digital quoting and selling solution held the answer.

Paradigm Vendo is a digital selling solution that lets in-home sales professionals take control of appointment management, presentations, product configuration options, quoting, financing alternatives, and e-signatures – all with one app, in home or virtually.

“Our sales process was completely analog,” Dobyne says. “Sure, we use computers for running our business, and we even used a CRM for lead tracking and reporting. But we still sold with a lot of paper and brought paper contracts into the office to be transferred into the system manually. Paradigm Vendo has made everything so much simpler. And once the salespeople use it for a short period, they swear they’ll never go back to paper. I’d say before Vendo we were walking, and now we’re running to a more successful sales process.”

Digital Simplicity

“Vendo’s simplicity is fantastic. You can literally quote a window in three seconds. After a quick training session, it becomes like any other app you use regularly. We are nearly 100 percent paperless, and it's a direct result of Vendo.”

Shannon Trahan, EcoView America Business Development Manager

Professionalism & Expertise

“What makes EcoView different is our expertise. Our salespeople are the customers’ first impression. The digital selling experience with Paradigm Vendo creates a higher level of professionalism and shows a higher level of care and concern, which sets us apart.”

Michael Bruno, EcoView America Chief Operating Officer

Speed & Accuracy

“Paradigm Vendo cuts the sales process in half, and sales associates are able to do more. They're more efficient in their quoting and reporting. Far fewer mistakes are made. There's no paperwork to turn in. Vendo even provides analytics to help guide them through their processes.”

James Dobyne, EcoView America President


"We didn't know that we could do what Vendo has accomplished for us. The Paradigm Vendo team really bends over backwards to help. They hit it out of the park for us."

James Dobyne, EcoView America President

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