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The building business is Paradigm’s business, so we know door distributors face unique challenges. From two-step production and distribution to managing market-specific availability, our technology helps distributors improve their business.

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Paradigm Omni Quoting Softare & Web CenterPoint

Quoting Technology

Paradigm’s industry-leading quoting and selling technology helps door distributors boost sales, reduce costs, and enhance their competitive position.

Paradigm Omni™ is a cloud-hosted quoting and selling software for doors and other highly configurable building products.

  • Create a smooth experience for your customers across all sales channels. 
  • Streamline the process of ordering complex products.
  • Filter your catalog based on market requirements and preferences.
  • Combine Paradigm Estimate™ takeoff service to simplify your estimates and sell more doors.
  • Seamlessly integrate Paradigm Omni with your tech stack.
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ERP Technology

From production scheduling and inventory management to shipping and invoicing, Paradigm’s ERP technology is an integrated solution for managing your plant operations.

Paradigm Nexus is an ERP specifically designed for the building industry. It can help you to streamline your operations, gaining valuable efficiencies and reducing waste.

  • Leverage modules ranging from scheduling and purchasing to shipping and invoicing.
  • Access production statistics to optimize performance in real time.
  • Maximize your production capabilities, reduce errors, and minimize waste.
  • Integrate with Paradigm Omni for an end-to-end solution that manages configuration, quoting, selling, production and administration.
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Paradigm Estimate quantity takeoff

Material Takeoff Technology

Paradigm’s estimating technology helps door manufacturers to provide customers with faster, more accurate quotes.

Paradigm Estimate thoroughly analyzes blueprints and creates a detailed takeoff summary that can be used for creating door bids.

  • Help your customers focus on selling by reducing time spent analyzing blueprints.
  • Save time and reduce errors with fast, convenient, and more accurate material takeoffs.
  • Boost customer loyalty by simplifying the takeoff process and providing added value.
  • Customize region-specific quoting configurations.
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