Digital Idea Books Simplify the Home Design Experience.

Homebuyers will likely search through hundreds of design ideas, finishes, building materials, and home models before contacting a builder. That’s the fun part of the process for buyers. But when they finally buy and have to commit to a design plan, builders have their work cut out for them.

Builder design teams are certainly a great resource for corralling ideas buyers collect from Pinterest boards, lifestyle magazines, and scrapbooks. Virtual home design software can help designers make the experience even better – for buyer and builder.

Paradigm Omni enhances the builder’s design center by allowing homebuyers to choose, visualize, and manage a limitless variety of interior and exterior design options. Its digital idea book function takes the experience a step further, by creating a digital collection of design choices the homebuyer and designer can reference as they modify and visualize favorite features while creating a dream home.

Buyers often start by choosing a builder-recommended palette and selecting options within a coordinated range of colors and styles. If they decide to deviate from the palette, the digital idea book saves and organizes all variations. Then buyers simply click on their saved selections and visualize them on an actual model. Even subtle details like door handles and electrical outlets can be saved for future reference and final selection.

From roof styles to room colors, and everything in between, the goal of this technology is to create the most enjoyable design experience and maintain an orderly process for the buyer. For the builder, digital idea books boost professionalism and reduce hassles associated with hard-to-read product sheets, multiple design documents, outdated picture portfolios, and paper sales materials.

Exploring ideas and design choices is a fun and important process for homebuyers. Builders have an opportunity to enhance that selection process while improving the design experience for the buyer and the design team. Learn more about Paradigm Omni.