Increase Customer Satisfaction

Faster, more accurate construction takeoff services that your customers can depend on.

Add Value to Your Business

Spend less time on bid preparation and free your salespeople to win more business.

Improve Accuracy

Reduce errors and rework with automated takeoff technology.

Stay Informed

Organize projects, track progress, and use valuable insights to close more bids.

A Fast and More Accurate Combination

Innovative time-saving technology graphically identifies locations of window, door, and other building material locations on both the elevation and floor plan of the blueprint. Advanced measurement functionality verifies dimensions and flags discrepancies, so your quotes are right the first time.

Tailored Takeoffs that Fit Your Business

Paradigm Estimate is a takeoff service that offers the flexibility to customize your takeoff parameters to fit the most exacting jobs.  Whether you’re adjusting waste factors for specific materials, or customizing takeoff parameters to fit specific requirements, we can handle it. We can even incorporate SKU mapping to connect your blueprints to specific products. Customizing your takeoffs are a great way to save more time, improve the accuracy of your quotes, and win more business.

Integrated Tech that Streamlines the Sale

Paradigm Estimate also simplifies takeoffs by integrating with your existing quoting system. Even better, combine Paradigm Estimate with a web-based, Paradigm-powered quoting system, to get even faster quotes, while easily cross-checking quotes to blueprints options.

Paradigm Omni featuring Web CenterPoint

Open the Window & Door to More Sales

Seamlessly integrate Paradigm Estimate with the with the Paradigm Omni™ quoting solution, and sell more windows and doors! Start with a detailed window takeoff from Paradigm Estimate, and finish the sale with Paradigm Omni. It’s everything your dealers need to sell with confidence.

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