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Catalog Services

We understand just how important your catalog is to fueling sales. To make your catalog the best it can be, we offer two post-live catalog services: catalog build and catalog optimization and maintenance.

Catalog Build

When you have a new product line or want to make changes to an existing product line, we work directly with your team to handle these updates. We engage with your marketing, engineering, and IT teams to gather requirements, validate changes, and integrate seamlessly into your release and deployment processes.

Catalog Optimization
and Maintenance

Whether you want to improve your catalog based on user feedback, need to improve its form and function, or are just not sure what you can do but know you need to do something... we can help.

We take on the responsibility of improving and maintaining your catalog so your team can focus on building new products into the catalog.

  • Make sure your catalog runs efficiently by monitoring and analyzing performance
  • Train your catalog team so they have an easier time maintaining your catalog
  • Review and improve your catalog build through audits and functional improvements
  • Ensure accurate catalog updates through rigorous manual and automated testing
  • Define the structure of your catalog so it’s easier and more cost efficient to maintain