Watch Matt Risinger explain how Paradigm and Builders FirstSource are transforming the home design process for builders.

Can homebuilders create a buying and building experience that’s more like online car buying? Matt Risinger says they can. In fact, the popular Build Show host and professional homebuilder says the technology is already available and is transforming the home design process and homebuilding.

“Paradigm has software that could basically take what I am already doing as I’m building and pricing my truck online…and bring it to the builder world,” Risinger explains in a video interview at the recent International Builders’ Show.

“Just like we can build and price a truck, we can build and price online a house…including options like all the color palettes. But not just that. We can change structures, and it will do it right there in front of the client.”

One of the hurdles preventing homebuilders from adopting an online or eCommerce strategy has been the lack of technology to properly configure, price and visualize homes across multiple models, geographies, and communities.

Paradigm’s configurable visualization software allows builders to set up a digital portfolio of design pallets and structural design options for houses that they can easily access and configure with clients.

This kind of client engagement streamlines the home design and building process and, most importantly, reduces the risk of miscommunication. “This is really cool,” Risinger emphasizes.