Meaningful Improvements to Your Business 

Track Sales

Track Changes

Determine Impact

Determine Impact

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate Errors

Error Prevention is Good for Business

Paradigm Safeguard makes maintaining an error-free catalog easier for everyone involved, saving time, money—and your company’s reputation.

Sales & Marketing

Avoid lost sales opportunities resulting from catalog errors. Paradigm Safeguard helps ensure that you’re offering the right options, at the right prices, every time.

IT Professionals

We understand that catalog accuracy often falls on the IT team to manage. Paradigm Safeguard greatly simplifies that task, freeing up time for other priorities.

Manufacturing Professionals

Paradigm Safeguard catches BOM output errors in your catalog before they make it into production, helping you prevent confusion and waste.

Convenient Catalog Testing

A Paradigm Safeguard subscription contains everything you need to find and resolve errors, optimize catalog performance, and create a positive experience for your dealers and end users.