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A Decision to Differentiate .

4 Reasons Why Ashlar Homes Chooses Virtual Home Design Software.

The team at Ashlar Homes takes pride in their commitment to giving customers an amazing homebuying and building experience.

It’s a commitment that has been put to the test over the past two years, as high demand and low inventory in the housing market changed the homebuilding dynamic for buyers and builders alike.

Ashlar President Shawn Woods explains that while the high demand for homes is great for business, it also means there are fewer homes for new buyers to see in person. “Selling a home that the prospects can’t walk through or asking customers to make design decisions based on a flat floor plan is doable, but it’s not the experience Ashlar wants for its buyers.”

That’s why the Ashlar team turned to Paradigm’s virtual home design software for help. It was a decision that helps address today’s challenges and promises to differentiate the builder from its competition for years to come.

Paradigm Omni’s visualization and configuration capabilities immerse homebuyers in a 3D design experience and lets them customize their dream home. The online tool allows shoppers and contracted customers to select and visualize a wide range of interior and exterior design features on actual Ashlar models. It also enhances the builder’s design process, and creates a more engaging homebuilding experience.

Woods, along with Ashlar Director of Marketing Sara Kline, offer four examples of why virtual home design software is right for Ashlar and its homebuyers.

Creating Emotional Connections with Buyers

“We believe every home tells a story, and the Paradigm software helps our buyers think about their own story in the space,” Kline explains. “It gives us a unique opportunity to connect with our customers on an emotional level. The buyer can click around on our web site and make their own design selections and even virtually walk through the home and see their choices. At that point, the home becomes personal to them. They’re more likely to choose Ashlar because it’s their home. It’s not just a bunch of pictures of a spec home.”

More Successful Selling

“Showing buyers every available design option and virtually walking them through the house is a huge sales tool for our salespeople, but it also helps the customer,” Woods says. “Paradigm recently produced four virtual plans for us. They were new models for a neighborhood that hadn’t been built. We sold 10 of those houses based on the virtual walkthroughs. Buyers thought the tours were the coolest thing in the world. The technology gives us the ability to push that envelope even further and, at the same time, it helps us give customers a very accurate picture of what they're buying. Nobody else in Kansas City currently has the ability to sell like that.”

Faster and Better Design Process

“Each home build is a unique experience, and we strive to ensure customers have the resources to see what they’re buying and make confident decisions throughout the process,” Kline explains. “Adding virtual design to our design process creates a simpler more cohesive experience for the buyer. By the time they visit our design center, they have a better idea of their style; they have seen 3D room designs with furniture placement; they know how their house is going to ‘live.’ Our design team is still there to supply expertise and advice -- and in some cases rescue the design -- but I estimate that design appointments normally taking four hours have been reduced to two hours.

Future Flexibility

Looking ahead, Woods says he will leverage virtual home design technology to continue enhancing the Ashlar homebuilding experience. "Even as home inventory builds back up, the virtual configuration will still be part of our process. It may even allow us to carry less inventory because we have the tools to customize a home for customers before it’s built. " Woods adds that the technology isn’t just about visualization for the homebuyer. "The configuration technology has the potential to automate what we call our Color Sheet, which lists plumbing features, electrical features, all the design selections, deck size—basically everything we need to build the exact house the buyer is visualizing. That’s coming down the road, but it will be a huge time saver for us and a huge differentiator for the buyer. "

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