Improve sales and revenue with CPQ software.

Paradigm’s CPQ software provides solutions to help sellers focus on the product options that drive revenue.

Within Paradigm Omni, you’ll find several ways to mirror the same successful sales strategies you might use in direct sales, but in a less time-consuming manner. Here are three tips to get you started:

Let’s face it, we’re a culture that likes to click on goods and services that appear toward the top of a list. How else can you describe the billions of dollars that companies spend trying to get on the first page of Google each year? Within the product selection part of our configurator, you should consider placing higher margin product groups at the top of the product selection folders.

Then, using the Paradigm “Marketing Text” feature, you can call greater attention to that product family or product grouping by embedding two or three bullet points that highlight and differentiate your products; maybe even utilize power statements or research findings to drive home the sales propositions.

Building Products Software to differentiate your products

Keeping with the theme of taxonomy or product hierarchy, once a user selects a product group, they are then required to select a wide array of options before the final configuration of their product. Focus user attention on important options by defaulting the rest to keep consumer attention on options that might have higher margins or contain greater opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, which can increase incremental sales.

The Omni Step Configurator workflow provides another opportunity to organize product features into categories of options. By doing so, you can present users with a workflow that directs people to the features that drive sales first and allow the catalog to intelligently answer other options that users may not need to select individually.

Online consumers are accustomed to being able to find the product they are shopping for quickly and easily. The Omni platform provides an opportunity to present users with an online shopping experience that mimics some of the larger online retailers.

Popular product features can be presented in a menu for users to select from, and available products that meet those criteria are immediately filtered and presented to the user in a graphical, easy to navigate presentation. This is a great way to quickly and easily drill down a full catalog to the products that are guaranteed to meet the consumer’s requirements.

Building Products Software features filtering criteria

So there you have it: three quick and simple tips to drive revenue and increase incremental sales – all within the Paradigm building products CPQ software configurator. Watch for more sales tips in upcoming blogs, or schedule a Paradigm Omni demo today.